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The Importance of Beautiful, Well-Fitted Lingerie.

Beautiful Well Fitted Plus Size Dress

Lingerie. Just saying the word is sensual in itself and the French terminology is so much nicer than saying bra and knickers, don’t you agree? Rather than trying to explain more about the origins of this necessary undergarment, this site gives a much better description here: One of the stipulations I make when a new…

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Bespoke vs Off-The-Rail.

What do Jacqueline Kennedy, Amal & George Clooney, Michelle & Barack Obama, Robert Downey Jnr, Princess Diana, Jennifer Aniston, Christine Lagarde to name just a few, all have in common? Answer: Immaculate style and beautifully tailored clothes. Oh yes, it does take rather a few more notes out of the wallet to support such elegance,…

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