Learning to Screen Print

I destroyed so much fabric when I was young trying to either design a wonderful dress, before I became a patternmaker, or attempting to paint some fabulous creation whenever I got a plain piece. This was fabric that my Mum bought for me from the local travelling salesman and since we were not a wealthy family you can imagine what she thought of my wastage. Dad, being the artistic one, never worried about it.

Most of my career has been focussed on my bespoke bridal/evening wear business and patternmaking for companies, both here in Australia, England where I lived during the 1980s and of course in Auckland, where I was born and studied.
It bought in the funds for me to do exciting things such as travel and photography but the beginning of 2017 saw a new love emerge for me, water colour sketching via a lovely Instagram sketching community #momentsketchers

It is now February 2018 and I have just completed an amazing 4 day screen printing course at https://www.bobbinandink.com in Petersham, Sydney owned and run by the very talented, and patient, Laura Walsh. I chose a viscose/spandex and also a silk voile to print on. This has definitely set me on another path to develop proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator, in an attempt to become more conversant with the digital format and produce my own screen printing. It is frustrating and makes me want to tear my hair out, but immensely enjoyable at the same time.


 1974- Hand painted Rupert Bear on a dress I wore for the Miss Auckland Contest, which my sister  entered me into. I was lucky to win Miss Friendship and a trip to Tahiti.


1998-Hand painted angel on a T-shirt for my niece, Lauren.
2012- My first attempt at screen printing


2017- Original sketches for Seraphina (above) and Sophronia (below)


February 2018-First layout in Photoshop
February 2018-Screen printing course, lining up the 2 layers of film

Washing the exposed screen in readiness for printing

Very exciting watching it come alive on the actual fabric

My niece, Lauren’s beautiful Burmese, Gypsy helped me cut out!


The finished top in viscose spandex-front


Silk/voile skirt lined with a grey rayon





The beautiful plaited kangaroo leather belt was made for me by https://www.jonesandwright.com.au
in Berrima in the beautiful Southern Highlands.




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