The Importance of Beautiful, Well-Fitted Lingerie.

Lingerie. Just saying the word is sensual in itself and the French terminology is so much nicer than saying bra and knickers, don’t you agree?

Rather than trying to explain more about the origins of this necessary undergarment, this site gives a much better description here:

One of the stipulations I make when a new client comes to see me for her bridal gown or a tailored suit consultation, is that she must be prepared to invest in well-fitted lingerie for her figure type! It is an extremely important piece of apparel. A common misconception among women of any age or size is that because it is hidden, anything will do.

Not so!

Well-fitted lingerie helps shape and balance what we wear on top, and since we spend a lot of money on our exterior pieces, especially for special occasions, why wouldn’t we spend money on beautiful, well-fitted lingerie, especially if you are a plus-size? It is extremely important and changes the way a garment falls, plus it makes us feel very sexy and quite divine. The same applies to a pair of heels, it changes the leg shape and defines a pant silhouette or a skirt length.

I know quite a few women with a full bust do not want to wear a well-fitting bra because they feel it just pushes everything out and up front too much, so they prefer to try and flatten their bust with a softer bra. No good! Ladies, not only is it detrimental to your bust and the ligaments, it creates a much wider silhouette overall and the waist completely disappears. Wearing well-fitting lingerie will create waist suppression, giving your silhouette a much more flattering shape.

If my model Rebecca did not wear well-fitted lingerie below, the dress would not look anywhere as good.

I do agree that there is a desperate lack of fabulous lingerie in Sydney for the plus-size market, but here are a few established lingerie companies you might like to peruse in Sydney: in Balmain, and are both in central Sydney City.

You do not have to be going to a wedding to wear beautiful lingerie, just do it for yourself, it is worth spending time to get yourself fitted correctly and you will feel so much happier with the overall feel and effect.

Two of my favourite websites are:

  • New York and Columbus, OH based company:, which has fabulous innovative lingerie and garment designs for plus-size.
  • Georgina Horne’s UK based company: is another of my favourites for gorgeous curvy ladies. This beautiful plus-size model has done a lot of research and her blogs give a load of information about clothes, colours, and lingerie, along with her own personal insights.

I love corsetry and two of my favourite sites Georgina recommends are: and

Below are a couple of designs I pulled from the web showing how beautifully designed and fitted corsetry and lingerie enhances a beautiful, voluptuous figure.

Don’t they look fabulous!

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