I am the proud owner of 2 pair of bespoke silk pants made by Victoria.

I had memories of a comfortable pair of silk pants from the past and searched endlessly in sores to find a similar style but I realised it’s near impossible.

Luckily, Victoria’s path crossed with mine.  I could see from the start that she is a very talented designer and passionate about her work and wanting be available to all women of all shapes and ages.   She was there at every stage – fabric advice, precise measurements taken and toile fitted, adjusted and advice

For ongoing care for the beautiful timeless piece.

They are my go-to pants  – dressing them up or down.   I hadn’t realised what a difference a made to measure garment makes to the comfort and wearability.

The best part is that I now have my individual pattern forever so I can keep adding beautiful pieces to my collection.

Thank you Victoria and good luck in your venture.

– Maria Seibert

29th September, 2019

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