Learning to Screen Print

I destroyed so much fabric when I was young trying to either design a wonderful dress, before I became a patternmaker, or attempting to paint some fabulous creation whenever I got a plain piece. This was fabric that my Mum bought for me from the local travelling salesman and since we were not a wealthy…

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My Immersion Into My Art Continues…….

Wow, so much has happened since my last post! Last year I was taking control of my art by expanding and exploring my techniques and materials. This year, my sketching has evolved and I’ve now left my coloured pencils rather lonely on the shelf in favour of watercolours, sketching pens and graphite pencils  I am…

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An Emotional Immersion In Art

My niece Lauren gave me a $100.00 Eckersleys voucher for Christmas and my nephew James gave me a bottle of Tanqueray, I feel these two will go hand in hand to help with my art work enormously!! I should say that at the time of writing this, it is not yet Christmas Day but as…

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